What is Rememberist all about?

Rememberist helps you to remember what to pack!

Rememberist is the perfect app for the parent on the go, or for anyone that has said to themselves, “What am I forgetting to bring?” Ever forget to pack cleats in the car for soccer practice? Have you ever left your sunscreen at home? Rememberist is the perfect reminder tool for you! Part reminder list, part packing list… Rememberist allows you to create recurring packing lists that remind you to check on things when you enter your car or are prepping to leave the house. And when you are done packing your list, Rememberist will automatically reset the list so that you can re-use it over and over again!


Checklist Ideas

Check out this photo gallery for some examples on ways that you can use Rememberist. Let us know how you are using our app!

Reusable Checklist Ideas:

  • Sports
  • Short trips
  • Long trips
  • Medical Reminders
  • Classes
  • Recurring Groceries
  • Camping
  • Yearly Boat Prep
  • The ideas are endless!
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a question about how to use Rememberist? If you can't find the answer here, please contact us!

    How do you create a new list?
    Simply click on the orange text "New List" and type the name of your list.
    How do you add items to a list?
    Click on your list title to open it. Here, you can add list items by clicking on the orange text, "New Item". Once you add an item, continue typing in more list items. If you forget to add an item, you can come back at any time to add to the list.
    I misspelled a list or item name, can I fix it?
    If you made a misspelling, simply press the "Edit" button on the top left corner. You will know you are in edit mode when delete signs show up next to the list or item names. If you hold down on the list or item name, the cursor will be placed on the word and allow you to edit the list or item name.
    Can I reorganize lists or items?
    You can reorganize list items alphabetically or by creation date by hitting the "i" button to the right of the list name. You can also choose to push the "Edit" button on the top left. From that point, simply drag the list item from the right side where there are 3 horizontal lines. You can also set the universal preferences (the gear icon in the lower left corner) to organize each list alphabetically or creation date by default.

    Download Rememberist

    What do you mean you haven't downloaded Rememberist yet? It's free on the App store, get to it!